8 – 21 Nun Street

Judi welcomes you to her garden at 21 Nun Street

Open Saturday only.

Enter the garden past a terraced sitting out area which is designed to be accessible to one elderly resident and her carer.  There is a ramp to the lower garden level where there is a paved utility area, a hen run with five laying hens, a raised salad and soft fruit bed and a compost area.  The south facing wall is home to two vines;  Phoenix, a white grape, and Siegerrebe which is a pinkish colour with a muscat flavour.   A small water feature in front of the central fence contains a dwarf white flowered water lily whose name is long forgotten.

The border of the two levels is fenced with an apple espalier in training.  This is a Welsh cultivar called Brith Mawr and it flowered well this season.  It is underplanted with lavender and nasturtiums.  The rose garden is on the right.  This is edged with chives which provide an attractive edging but also may help in the deterrence of pests.  These are a mixture of hybrid tea roses with a splash of Tottering By Gently, a large single flowered yellow rose and in the background is a vigorous rambler Wedding Day, with yellowish white flowers.  My neighbour is happy for this to intrude over the wall.   

The border on the right is a mixture of clematis, peonies and perenniels that live within a purple to white colour scheme.  As many as possible are scented. The shady area at the top is home to a collection of Hostas and Hydrangeas.  I grow many kitchen herbs which are located either by the back door or above on the balcony for easy of access.

There will be a plant stall and depending on the weather, books and bric a brac and a glass of Pimms.  These are all for donations to the Open Gardens Charities and we hope you will be generous.


* Access will be SATURDAY only*

Access is by the double grey gates from the layby on Quickwell Hill, not from the gate on Nun Street.  There is a ramp to the lower garden which contains the utility area, shed, chickens and raised salad and fruit bed. 

Accessibility: The garden is terraced and the lower level is accessible by a ramp from street level.  The next level up is via steps that have no handrail.  There is some gravel on the lower level that may be difficult for wheeled access.

DOGS are welcome but only on a lead please as I keep backyard hens.