The Cathedral

St Davids Cathedral

Within the Cathedral there are secret gardens that very few visitors see. There is the Cloister Garden, a peaceful oasis within the heart of the Cathedral. On the north side of the Cathedral there is the Peace Garden, tucked away behind a wrought iron gate with a tantalising view of the quiet space for contemplation and quiet thought beyond. Opposite the main Cathedral entrance porch and up on the hillside is the Deanery Garden. Here there are terraces and wild shrub beds that attract the insects and birds but is rarely seen by human visitors. In the Cathedral Close lying over the river and to the north of the Cathedral is the Treasurer’s House and the very secret, semi wild garden tended by the Dean’s Verger. Near the house their is the tended lawn but further towards the River Alun the wild things live. Why don’t you take this wonderful opportunity to look behind the amazing Cathedral facade and into the gardens of the people who live and work here.

PLEASE NOTE: the annual Ordination Service will be taking place on Saturday 26th June, so the Cathedral building itself will be closed from 10am until 1.30pm.