11 – 3 Bryn Road

Kila Milidine

New-ish garden, finally finding its feet.

Mixed borders, many birds, lovely views over rooftop to coast. Deep pond with newts, frogs, toads, dragonflies and at least one grass snake.

Within the garden, most paths are wholly accessible but one path is ‘crazy paving’ & narrow (more so than above) but there’s grass along one side, so negotiable by wheelchairs / pushchairs if our weather has been dryish. There are a couple of slightly sloped & grassed paths & there is a gentle set of railway sleeper steps. I think the garden will be enjoyable to people with mobility problems if they can negotiate the initial path into the garden. 

In terms of visual impairment, I’m hoping that the garden by late June will be exceptionally fragrant. And there is also much birdsong.

There will certainly be refreshments. As well as tea, coffee, cold drinks, there will be special delights. Two friends from Manchester are coming down to help. One makes marvellous cocktails (which won’t be priced; we will ask for donations & the other makes marvellous cakes,as well as being a very knowledgeable horticulturist.

There should be blackcurrant & gooseberry jams for sale, made from fruit grown here. You will also be able to find some plants for sale.